Data Centers and Telecommunications

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Digital transformation makes data centers an irreplaceable component that makes our digitally connected lives possible.

Fires in data centers are an unfortunate, but common, experience that can have devastating consequences. Fire protection is a vital component in ensuring the safety of electronic equipment and important data. Being prepared for the worst scenarios ensures peace of mind knowing that everything is safe and secure.

Fire protection for data centers can be quite complex. To ensure the highest quality protection, its is highly important that the implemented fire protection program extend beyond the minimally required code compliance and instead take into account physical and environmental attributes, operational factors and change of use over time. This can be challenging considering the speed in which innovations occur, often outpacing codes & standards.


  • Speed at which innovations occur
  • How often code cycles occur
  • Environmental challenges
  • Structural challenges
  • Operational factors
  • Insurer requirements

Is there a gap?

Protective measures are vital to ensuring business continues safely and uninterrupted in vulnerable places such as data centers. Performance based solutions, where technology, design and implementation of systems and sub systems meet, address the unique needs of dynamic structures.

Cosco Fire Protection understands Critical Infrastructure and is a full service life safety/special hazards contractor capable of delivering a total comprehensive and integrated fire protection solution, efficiently, effectively, on-time and within budget.

  • One source product procurement
  • One contract
  • One point of contact
  • One fully integrated scope
  • Fully trained field technicians
  • Factory certified
  • Signatory to IBEW and Sprinkler Fitters
  • Emergency response
  • Labor portability
  • Fully stocked warehouse

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